Wither the Tide (formerly Whither the Tide) has been stunning Minneapolis
audiences for almost a decade.

Rich Zasada (drums), Matt Wallberg (guitar), and Jeremy Montoya (vocals)
have wowed audiences with their high energy live sets and captivating mix
of synths and guitars, spanning from headlining shows at just about
every major Twin Cities venue, to opening slots for the likes of Filter,
Middle Class Rut, American Head Charge, and more.

Soaring vocal lines, pounding drum beats, juicy analog style synths,
and a thick blend of larger than life guitar and bass lines merge
together to concoct a hard-hitting sound that would make
Trent Reznor or Celldweller jealous.

The band re-emerged from a long hiatus in June 2018 with two new
members (Reggie Carroll on bass and Adam Szczepaniak on keyboards),
a pair of singles and a music video. They are currently in the studio
recording a brand new EP, penned in for a summer 2019 release.

From left: Wallberg, Szczepaniak, Montoya, Zasada, Carroll

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